Media Ad Pro Exchange

A Barter Exchange for Radio Forecast Network Announcers and our Media Partners

MediaAdPro Exchange provides three functions:

  1. It is the Barter accounting software where RFN Announcers post invoices for recording weather forecasts for Radio Forecast Network.
  2. MediaAdPro Exchange has assembled all of the goods and services provided by clients and agencies bartering their inventory in exchange for advertising through Radio Forecast Network---- tickets to amusement parks, entertainment and various venues. The online shopping cart function allows RFN announcers to directly purchase items in the online Marketplace and have them delivered to their mailbox—all digitally and automatically—without having to contact anyone.
  3. MediaAdPro Exchange is also where RFN announcers find goods and services from an amalgamation of trade exchanges, media and barter partners dealing with Radio forecast Network —ALL IN ONE PLACE.