What is Media Ad Pro?

Software That Powers Everything


MediaAdPro, developed in 2004, is the software developed to power every aspect of Radio Forecast Network. Updates and added functionality through the years improved distribution and the tracking of recorded-live weather content for hundreds of RFN affiliate radio stations.
In 2006 our traffic software was developed. This added a new dimension to MediaAdPro, allowing flexibility in processing RFN affiliate orders with the ease of digitally collecting proof-of-performance affidavits from our affiliates along with the subsequent delivery of these reports to RFN advertisers.
Now, MediaAdPro has added MediaAdPro Exchange—a barter exchange for RFN announcers and our media and barter partners. RFN barters goods and services for excess spot inventory. Every media company does it. We’ve simply taken it to a new level. MediaAdPro Exchange, powered be vBarter’s trade exchange currency software, can easily track the accounting and value of the goods and services we trade. As our barter payroll increases we needed a better invoicing system for our contract announcers, and a more efficient way to handle this bartered payroll. Our fifty-plus announcers who work ½ to 1 hour per day recording weather forecasts for our affiliates can not only choose payment from the tickets and certificates we trade with our advertisers, but can choose from the dozens of trade exchanges and barter partners who have access to the goods and services of thousands of businesses across the US and Canada.