How Does It All Work?

Members of Media Ad Pro Exchange (RFN announcers, Media and Barter Partners, RFN Radio Station Affiliates etc.) must first open an account. There is no membership fee, monthly fee, or ANY transaction fees for RFN announcers and RFN’s Media and Barter Partners. Our arrangement with partner trade exchanges is that Media Ad Pro Exchange covers your fees. (listed above) The only fees you will be charged are cash shipping/handling charges and tips and tax at restaurants and hotels.

Once you have a Media Ad Pro Exchange account, you can choose goods and services from our website’s MARKETPLACE which features tickets to events and amusement parks, goods and services available from the direct trades we negotiate in exchange for radio advertising on Radio Forecast Network or our barter partners. Additionally, you can open accounts with as many trade exchanges listed on this site.

Transferring trade dollars. Once you have posted your invoices and barter dollars to Media Ad Pro Exchange and have the trade dollars in your account, you WILL have the option of spending those barter dollars within the Media Ad Pro system or transferring all or a portion of these barter dollars into one of your other trade exchange accounts. There is NO WAY to transfer out of one of our partner trade exchanges into another, nor back into Media Ad Pro Exchange Two reasons: If we pay your fees to deposit into one trade exchange, we cannot pay your fees to transfer to another. Also, most trade exchanges do not have the functionality to distinguish a transfer from a sale. Virtual Barter does have this function, and we will not send out 1099-B forms that include any transfer transaction. However, you will receive one from the trade exchange into which you will be depositing your barter dollars.

This is a general overview of the process and what to expect. Many more details will be revealed once you login and begin to use the system.

Click “JOIN” at the top of the page to open an account.

Please note: Fill out ALL info in fields with a red asterisk. If asked to enter a credit card, use the drop-down to click “OTHER.” Also note: For your account to be activated it MUST BE APPROVED by the administrator. Usually within 24 to 48 hours. You must fill in the correct Federal Tax ID # or Social Security Number associated with your business name or your full legal name as it appears on all federal correspondence. It is MANDATORY and the responsibility of each barter exchange to provide 1099-B forms at the beginning of every year for the previous year’s sales. There are CPAs within the system you can use (on trade) to prepare, file your taxes and advise the best business plan including ideas on how to use write-offs or donations to offset the taxes on your barter sales.
Now, let’s open your MediaAdPro Exchange account.