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Notice: All coaching clients must submit an application, watch our intro video, and complete an assigned task (based on your application and interview call) in order to qualify. We only work with those who are truly motivated to succeed and who prove that they are ready to press in and really accelerate their journey of success.

Coaching Packages come in Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond
Every package is life changing in a way that you've never experienced before. The higher packages simply compound the change to more areas of your life over the course of the year which can give exponential growth.

Our most basic package for those who are just starting out with coaching and need to focus on one area to improve their life in one direction with laser like focus.

1 Breakthrough session
2 calls per month (20-45 minutes each)
$6,250 or 12 payments of $625

For those who need more calls for accountability or additional work on making changes with NLP and Hypnosis throughout the program.

1 Breakthrough session
4 calls per month (20-45 minutes each) (1st and 3rd calls are about the main coaching area, 2nd and 4th may either be on the same area, for additional change work, or for whatever purpose you want)
$8,750 or 12 payments of $875

For those that have 2 areas they need to give equal attention to in order to truly advance over the next year.

2 Breakthrough sessions
4 calls per month (20-45 minutes each) (1st and 3rd on one area, 2nd and 4th on the other area)
2 Tickets to attend a Mastermind event (held quarterly)
$13,750 or 12 payments of $1,370

Diamond: Completely remake yourself from the ground up inside and out.

Our most comprehensive program for completely changing everything about your life that isn't currently serving you in your pursuit of excellence.

This is for the self-help junkies, the entrepreneurs who want to go to heights that no one else thinks is possible, and the executive who just wants to get to the top level in every area of life.

If you've tried everything and you just can't seem to improve past your current situation, this is the program for you.

If you have dreams so big that everyone tells you they're impossible, this is the program for you.

If you simply want to be at level 10 in every area of life, this is the program for you.

6 Breakthrough session (one for each main area of life)
4 Coaching calls per month for 12 months (20-45 minutes per call) (1st and 3rd calls focus on the first area) (2nd and 4th calls can focus on the same area of life, a second area of life, or be used for anything you want)
(If you want to focus on all 6 areas, then additional sets of coaching calls can be purchased in sets of 4 per month)
4 Tickets to attend a Mastermind even (held quarterly)
$36,000 or 12 payments of $3,600
Additional sets of calls:
$5,000 or 12 payments of $500
To purchase Diamond plus 2 extra sets of coaching calls to cover all 6 areas:
$46,000 or 12 payments of $4,600

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